2006 Yamaha V Star XVS650 Classic – American Cruiser UK

2006 Yamaha V Star XVS650 Classic

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  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: V Star XVS 650
  • Price: Not Defined
  • Year: 2006
  • Engine: 650
  • Colour: Metallic White
  • Mileage: 4000
  • Current Location: SOLD!!!
Call to reserve for just £500.00


UK Registered HD55XDL

Direct from the only Florida owner, just 4000 miles stunning in Pearl White and fitted with a host of extras including Genuine factory Silverado windshield with pocket storage, Genuine factory sissy bar with luggage rack, Yamaha detachable leather side bags, matching tank bib, footboards, sports exhaust.

Also fitted with new plugs, battery and brake pads the bike is ready to be enjoyed.

This bike is as close to new as you can get and represents a lot of bike for the money. It is the perfect entry level cruiser that is light enough for 1st time riders or indeed the Ladies.

Independent review below

The VStar 650 is a great example of a bike that can fit many roles for a varied group of riders.  First off, it is simply a nice looking bike with lines and curves that are some of the best in the business; there is no mistaking a Star.  The bike’s extremely good balance and 505 pounds of dry weight make it an ideal choice for a first-time rider (I can’t wait for the responses on that!).  While there are many that steadfastly hold to the belief that a person’s first bike should be something in the 250cc neighborhood, the VStar 650 has enough weight to it that it will demand proper riding technique while its good balance will make it docile enough for a new rider.  The added benefit is that it has enough power that a new rider won’t grow tired of it in six months and then feel the need to trade up right away.


And speaking of power, while the 650 doesn’t have gobs of whiplash-inducing power at its disposal, it has enough to make it a good all around cruising and commuting machine.  It does its best work with a solo rider and will perform okay two-up provided that those on board are on the smaller side.  All that said, it is a good candidate for and responds nicely to upgrades such as carburetor rejetting, exhaust upgrades and some changes to the air intake.


I used to average about forty-eight to fifty miles per gallon on the highway and in the low forties around town, so one should conservatively plan on 130 to 165 mile legs before the engine starts to buck, letting you know that it’s time to select the reserve fuel.  That is not really a hardship, as one usually needs to dismount and move around by that point anyway.


Dimensionally, the VStar 650 is set up well and the average person won’t find themselves stretching to reach the handlebars or to comfortably keep their feet on the floorboards.  The floorboards, not something found on all mid-sized cruisers, are a nice touch in terms of both comfort and aesthetics.  They definitely give the machine a “big bike” appearance and feel.


And lastly, let’s talk accessories.  As with most of the Star line, the very air abounds with accessories!  There are more factory accessories than the average wallet can handle and the aftermarket industry is chock full of options to do just about anything a person’s imagination could come up with, whether it be function, appearance or performance.  The sky truly is the limit.

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